Resin Artworks

My artworks are hand poured epoxy resin.
All of my artworks have the paint mixed into the resin, which settles in its own unique way, therefore being an original one off piece, with no way of replication.
The colours of the paintings can change hue depending on what light they are in, making them even more interesting!

The Chosen One

The Chosen One SALE PRICE $195 ORIGINALLY $260 Size 71 x 36cm Layby available

The Bird Man

The Bird Man SALE PRICE $90 ORIGINALLY $200 Size 40 x 50cm

Lucky 8

Lucky 8 – SOLD

Peacocks Pride & Joy

Peacocks pride & joy SALE PRICE $350 ORIGINALLY $540 Size 60 x 90cm


Occy – SOLD Size 40cm x 60cm

Mystic Flame

Mystic Flame HALF PRICE $180 ORIGINALLY $360 Size 46 x 92cm

Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip – SOLD -Size 46 x 92cm

Love Is Floating By

Love Is Floating By – SOLD

In The Eye Of The Beholder

In The Eye Of The Beholder-SOLD Size 50 70cm

In The Deep

SOLD In The Deep – Size 31 x 23cm

Fish Out Of Water

SOLD Fish Out Of Water  


Eureka SOLD Size 60cm x 90cm please contact me if you would like a similar artwork commissioned.