Resin Artworks

My artworks are hand poured epoxy resin.
All of my artworks have the paint mixed into the resin, which settles in its own unique way, therefore being an original one off piece, with no way of replication.
The colours of the paintings can change hue depending on what light they are in, making them even more interesting!

Above and Beyond

  Above and beyond. 50cm x 85cm $280

Stepping Stones

SOLD Stepping Stones 20cm x 60cm $120

Opal Mining

Opal Mining 13cm x 18cm $35 including postage within Australia. Please email me for international postage.

Away She Went

Away She Went 20cm x 20cm SOLD

Us and Them

Us and Them 13cm x 18cm $35 including postage

Harlequin Opal III

Harlequin Opal III $270 30cm x 90cm Lay-by Welcome

Harlequin Opal II

Harlequin Opal II 30cm x 90cm SOLD

Dragons One

  Dragons One – SOLD 50cm x 60cm

Harlequin Opal

Harlequin Opal 30cm x 90cm SOLD

Love is Love

Love is Love 30cm x 90cm Donated to WWLW – 50 shades of pink fundraiser for breast cancer RRP $545  


Inspiration 46cm x 92cm NOT FOR SALE  

Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun $400 46cm x 92cm Lay-by Available