Resin Artworks

My artworks are hand poured epoxy resin.
All of my artworks have the paint mixed into the resin, which settles in its own unique way, therefore being an original one off piece, with no way of replication.
The colours of the paintings can change hue depending on what light they are in, making them even more interesting!

DIY Rainbow

DIY Rainbow – SOLD

Beyond the Waffle

Beyond the waffle – SOLD

Private Beach

Private beach is a commissioned artwork. Size 50cm x 150cm SOLD    

Blue Moon

Blue Moon – SOLD

The stones that flow

The stones that flow. $360 Size 30 x 60 cm SOLD

Renewed Passion

Renewed Passion – SOLD Size 40 x 50 cm

All Things Are Created Equal

All Things Are Created Equal – SOLD

Universal One

Universal One $260 Size 36 x 71cm SOLD