Resin Artworks

My artworks are hand poured epoxy resin.
All of my artworks have the paint mixed into the resin, which settles in its own unique way, therefore being an original one off piece, with no way of replication.
The colours of the paintings can change hue depending on what light they are in, making them even more interesting!

Let’s go walking

Let’s go walking is a small 20cm resin porthole. I don’t usually explain what I see, but this one just jumped out at me. I first saw the d

Bursting at the seams

“Bursting at the seams” is a beautiful 40cm wood backed resin porthole. Aqua, black and white are beautifully complimented, and when you s

Superwoman II – Diamond

    Superwoman II Diamond shaped resin artwork Now available at “My Little Empire”, Cheltenham